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Fixed Assets Appraisal


Land Improvements

Buildings and all types of physical structures

Building Fixtures

Machinery and Equipment

Transportation Equipment (land, water, air, railroad)

Public Utilities (power, telecommunications, gas, water)

Furniture and Office Equipment


Standing Crops

All kinds of properties or fixed assets

Business Valuation

Total Business Enterprise Valuation

Valuation of Shares and Stocks




Permits and Licenses

Patents and Acquisitions

Stocks swaps

External Financing and capital restructuring

Marketing Study

Anticipated Land Development

Industry Assessment

Auxiliary Valuation Services

Title Verification

Verification of Technical Description

Title Search

SEC and BOI Registration

Expert Witness on Court Hearing

Consultancy Services

Marketing and Financial Management Plans

Corporate Strategies

Operational Audits

Industry Reports

Market Data Gathering and Surveys

Engineering Studies

Management Control and Information Systems

Land Use and Rental Rate Studies

Liaison and representation services before local and service institutions

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