Professional Funding Services, Inc. is a company duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

It is affiliated with Asian Appraisal Company, Inc., Asian Asset Insurance Brokerage Corp. & Amalgamated Project Management Services, Inc.

Professional Funding Services, Inc. is engaged in consumer finance, providing alternative source of credit to professional individuals who are in need of financial funds and normally would have difficulty accessing the credit facilities of banks and other traditional financial institutions.


To provide financial services to all Professional Individuals with a very low interest rates in a fast and easy way and to deliver quality service from a highly competitive people.


To increase the value of our company and become one of the most leading Financial Funding Services through achieving market leadership and operating with excellence to all its clientele. 

OUR PRODUCTS: Salary loan for Professional Individuals

Salary loan for Professional Individuals

Regular employee for at least 1 year with your company receiving a certain amount of income which maybe proven to your pay slip.
Those with good credit standards from bank or credit cards will always have the advantage of faster approval at a possible 1 day release with lowest interest rate.

LOANABLE AMOUNT : May range from 10,000 - 500,000 pesos depending upon Influencing factors such as salary, contract, employment tenure (years of employment) and company.

Those who belong to the top 100 corporations in the Philippines have the edge of getting higher or bigger loan amount approval in their application.

TERMS : 3-12 months depending upon the applicant's desire to pay, contract or the lending company’s approval.

INTEREST RATE : 3% per month

LOAN FEATURES : Preferred date of amortization ATM payroll /Checking account

BORROWER (At least 1 year regular employed)

• Certificate of Employee – original ( 1 year validity with salary information ) • Recent 2x2 colored picture with signature at the back • Photocopy of Company ID/ SSS / PASSPORT / TIN / POSTAL ID ( back to back ) • Photocopy of latest one month pay slip / payroll ATM • Photocopy of latest Proof of Billing ( MERALCO) • Statement of Payroll / Checking Account ( at least 2 months ) • Income Tax Return or Form 2316 duly signed by the employer’s authorized representative.

CO-BORROWER (At least 1 year regular employed)

• Photocopy of Certificate of Employment • Recent 2x2 colored picture with signature at the back • Photocopy of Company ID (back to back)

● Payments via salary deduction scheme, atm payroll account and postdated checks every 15th & 30th of the month or depending upon company’s payroll date.

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