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     Asian Appraisal Company, Inc. (“AACI” or “Asian Appraisal”) has been a catalyst of the development of the Philippine economy for 55 years now. A pioneer in property appraisal not only in the Philippines but also throughout the Asia-Pacific Region, AACI was founded on July 10, 1961 by American Appraisal Company, Inc. (the largest and oldest appraisal company in the United States) together with reputable Filipino bankers and businessmen, namely: Albino Sycip, Sixto K. Roxas, Ma. Jose B. Fernandez, Cesar de Zulueta, Jose D. Caluag, and Arthur J. Chanin.

Fixed Assets

  • Land
  • Land Improvements
  • Buildings and all types of physical structures
  • Building Fixtures
  • Machinery and Equipment

Business Valuation

  • Total Business Enterprise Valuation
  • Valuation of Shares and Stocks
  • Franchises
  • Goodwill
  • Trademarks
  • Permits and Licenses
  • Patents and Acquisitions

Consultancy & Auxiliary Services

  • Title Verification
  • Verification of Technical Description
  • Title Search
  • SEC and BOI Registration
  • Expert Witness on Court Hearing

Our Core Values

Our basic task at Asian Appraisal Company, Inc. (AACI) is to render a fair, professional, and sound judgment and estimation of the economic values of resources, goods and services.

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About Us

Asian Appraisal Company, Inc. (AACI) was organized in the Philippines under the name of Appraisers, Inc. on July 10, 1961 by American Appraisal Company, Inc., the largest and the oldest appraisal company in the world together with prominent Filipino engineers and businessmen namely, Mr. Arthur J. Chanin, Mr. Jose D. Caluag, Mr. Albino Z. Sycip, Mr. Jose B. Fernandez, Jr., Mr. Sixto K. Roxas and Mr. Cesar De Zulueta.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the term “appraisal” mean?
The word appraisal is a broad term which, in the financial context refers to a variety of values differentiated according to their usage and computation approached.
The commonly used are as follows:
• Fair Market Value
• Fair Market Value in Orderly Liquidation
• Fair Market Value in Forced Liquidation
• Fair Market Value in Continued Existing Use
• Cost of Reproduction, New
What is the difference between Fair Market Value, Zonal Value and Assessed Value?
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Asian Appraisal Company, Inc.

Range of Services

  • Market/Industry Study
  • Pre-feasibility/Feasibility Study
  • Site selection study
  • Fair Rental Study
  • Socio-Economic Impact Study
  • Resettlement Plan
  • Title Search/Verification
  • Land Use Optimization
  • Hypothetical Development Valuation
  • Total Business Enterprise Valuation
  • Business Plan
  • Other Special Studies
  • Property Sales/Disposal 
  • Auction Tenders
  • Privatization Study
  • Just Compensation
  • Valuation of Land, Buildings, Machineries, and other tangible Assets (for accounting, insurance, financing, etc.)
  • Valuation of Franchises, Brand names, Softwares and other intangible assets
  • Valuation of Shares of Stocks (for IPO, Mergers and Public Hearings)
  • Property Inventory Management
  • Seminars

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